If You AMP Up Your Website Will You Rank Better In Google?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a plan from Twitter and Google to make mobile web pages faster.

Spedometer with Google AMP textAt its substance, it is essentially a stripped down kind of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It is an HTML page created to be super lightweight and renders quickly while loading. Therefore, a whole lot of others have thrown their hat into the mix — sort of in reaction to Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles.

There are specific labels of HTML you cannot utilize in the AMP version. Things such as form tables are excluded. Also, you must make use of a sleeker version of Cascading Style Sheets. It’s possible for you to use much of standard CSS, but some elements are not permitted to be used. Subsequently JavaScript is virtually prohibited in any way. You must make use of an off the shelf JavaScript catalog that you are provided by them with lazy loading.

And so the notion is that the entire platform was created only for real legibility and speed. Till they are scrolled into view items like pictures, do not load and add weight to loading processes. We expect that eventually the JavaScript library will be included in particular systems. And this all was created to be fully cached. Therefore, these web pages can be hosted by Google, and thus, they do not also need to get it anymore.

The standard desktop computer edition of the web page as seen on the site is we are accustomed to viewing. For those who have an AMP variation, you’ll select that using the “rel AMP” HTML hyperlink, which forwards around to your AMP site.

This can be built all on your domain name with this stripped-down kind of Hypertext Markup Language. It’s meant to be quicker. However, they have also rolled-out this free hosted cached system portion of the offer at the same time, which can be tagged using the label “gstatic” and can be a Google-managed variant that is cached.

How Does AMP Affect Search Results?

So let us discuss how this may appear in search results, a bit. So firstly, that which we understand at present is like it is mobile only. We are anticipating this to start being implemented by Google as early as this month – Feb in 20-16.

In the past, Google has told us that they are pushing for a faster web, so it is no surprise that they are committed to the AMP project. You may have noticed in your searches that some sites have been labeled as “Mobile Friendly.” And we have seen evidence in our statistics that sites with mobile friendly coding seem to rank higher, more quickly. It would seem prudent to apply this concept to sites that are also AMP friendly.

We at CreatiVants have existing services to help make your company website be mobile friendly – and this goes much farther than just having a responsive theme on your site. And today we are launching services to help enable AMP formatting to your site.

Ranking in today’s market can be difficult. Any advantage you can take over your competition should be pursued. We are at the forefront of this technology and helping clients get ahead of the curve. By the time your competitors get around to this, you will have already benefited from the early adoption.

We can help you get your site AMP ready and dominate your competition.