First: The Plan of Attack

If you are going to spend money on building your company, let’s make it work for you well into the future. We approach website design with forward thinking.


The first phase of our services is about developing the best strategy for your company. Through research, we start identifying key phrases and terms that are specific to the nature of your industry and services. Focusing on these terms will allow you to dominate the search environment.


Fundamentally, branding is about know who you are, and how you want to be perceived. We focus on your core competencies, values, personality, as well as your industry archetype. Many times building a brand means revisiting existing tag lines, logos, and other graphic representations of your firm.

A marriage between strategy and brand recognition can elevate the perception of professionalism and can even allow very small companies compete with the big boys.

Second: Making a Mountain out of an Ant Hill

anthillAs with any good colony of workers, we need to have good communication and partnerships. We give you our personal cell phone numbers and emails, so if you have questions, or a problem that needs resolving, or simply would like an update, we are easy to contact. Ease of communication will be critical was we begin to elevate the standing of your company.



This phase is about building (and refreshing) your firm’s brand based on the information and guidelines developed in the first phase. Assets such as logos, print collateral (such as business cards), and other graphic identity images begin taking shape here.


As things progress, we develop the website’s core structure in a way that prepares optimization for Google and the other search engine domination. Our clients receive a beautiful website that establishes them as top professionals in their industry, without sacrificing any SEO power.


Domination of search results for your key terms is starting as our SEO experts reach the end of this second phase. People will be finding you, and you will look so good that they will be choosing you out of the masses.

Third: The Swarm

Are you ready for the swarming frenzy? This phase is all about knowing that your brand is reaching the market, there is a buzz being generated from your marketing, and your optimal clients are resonating with your message.

antmoneyAs time passes, the website will start dominating the search results for our key terms and phrases, and will continue to return high-value results.

Why are we so confident you will see results?

Because, not only do we excel at SEO, but we are members of elite mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We are in communication every day to discuss various strategy, what tactics are working at the moment, and what processes need to be revised. You benefit because we stay on top of the industry and the most current knowledge to get your site to page one.

When you reach page one in the results, the phone starts ringing.

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